Saturday, December 31, 2011

new years

i'm sitting at one of the restuarants in the downtown area of fayetteville. i'm drinking a cold beer and waiting for the waitress to come take my order. i need to stop being so nervous and shy. i should stop looking around me anxiously. i need to be in control and be cool. i would have liked to go to the microbrew bar down the street but that place is crowded. its full of very nicely dressed people. i would feel out of place. i think the waitress is avoiding me. most of the people act like its cold but it feels warm to me. man i'd like to meet a girl but i'm so goddamn shy.  most of the girls i've seen are with other guys. i keep getting the feeling that i look stupid sitting out here all by myself and that people walking by me are laughing a me. but the beer is making me feel good. there have been a few fireworks going off which is nice to watch. i got an ipod for christmas so i'm sitting here listening to my audio books. i imagine that gives me some comfort. i wonder how i should get the waitress' attention. she seems to be very busy in there. i need to remember that i naturally look like a very mature somber person. if i just act natural i should make a pretty cool picture of a relaxed person injoying a meal on new years.

itunes forum post

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


lets see i'm on break. what do i need to do. today i should go to the gym and try to work off my belly fat. i could go home and clean up. i need to do the laundary, clean the kitchen, sweep the floor, and do the dishes. also i need to get packed to go home on saturday. i should leave as early as possible on saturday morning. i should get all my stuff together so i can go ahead and leave. i need to get all my short socks and pack them and take them to mamas and then i can grab all my long socks. i should probably do all the socks in my lost sock drawer. i really want to shave so i can look younger but i took my glasses off earlier. i think that my beard looks great without my glasses, so i should just put my contacts in. the reason i want to leave so early on saturday is so i can go to the mall in fayetteville and go to ravenrock on my way home. i should probably pack some clothes, take a few essentials like my laptop, my camera, my cellphone charger. dont forget to get my ceramics stuff for mama. my plants should be good while i'm gone. i will endevor to get back as soon as possible. i should probably fill up the hummidifier. i need to reset the timer for some reason it doesnt set on and off anymore. maybe i should get the george forman grill from mamas.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

december 12, 2011

what should i do. i'm on my lunch break. ii  have 30 minutes until i have to clock back in. i should find something to amuse myself like a forum where i can play word games. that sounds like fun. should i return to daiphyer? i haven't been there in a while. it might be wierd if i turn up now. but that place was a lot of fun. what should i care about a bunch of internet people think. i bet i wont be able to get on the website.

Monday, December 5, 2011

things to watch

     Type VI antihero
higurashi no koro ni
darker than black
     Type V antihero
speed grapher
observe and report
black books
    Villian protagonist
fist of the north star
hell girl
black butler (kuroshitsuji)
tentai senshi sunred
excel saga
a shock to the system
the fiendish plot of dr. fu manchu
the new statesman
the borgias
     The world of snark
soredemo machi wa mawatteiru

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

money making idea

i could get a couple of small clear glass jars like the one below and sell them as tiny terrariums with my utricularia sandersonii growing in them. that would be a stylish packaging idea that i think people will like if i decide to sell my extra plants at a exotic pets expo. i could cast the lids in concrete to give it a wider more stable bottom and hide the original lid to give it a more elegant look.


utricularia sandersonii in glass terrarium

a base like this would be cool

... or i could just epoxy the lid inside a regular pot.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

miniature plants for penjing project
tillandsia argentina
price: $2.37 + shipping $6.95 = $9.32

Wild Ginger Farm

Arenaria alfacarens

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Azorella trifurcata ‘Nana’ 

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Gentiana sino-ornata ‘Stardust’

price: $8.00 + $12.00 = $20.00

Gypsophila aretoides

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Jovibarba sobolifera 

price: $5.00 + shipping $12.00 = $17.00

Penstemon davidsonii var davidsonii (Jackson Cty) 

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Rosularia chrysantha 

price: $5.00 + shipping $12.00 = $17.00

Saxifraga x anglica ‘Cranbourne’ 

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Scleranthus biflorus 

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Scleranthus uniflorus ‘Emerald’

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00
Drosera sp "Lake Badgerup" gemmae
price: $10.00 + shipping $5.95 = $15.95
Begonia "Little Darling
price: $6.99 + shipping $7.95 = $14.94
Jewel Orchid - Ludisia discolor var. alba
$9.99 + shipping $7.95 = $17.94

Pearcea hypocyrtiflora

$11.99 + shipping $7.95 = $19.94
 Jewel Orchid - Anoectochilus albolineatus

$17.99 + shipping $7.95 = $25.94

ludisia discolor

$8.99 + shipping $7.95 = $16.94

Tillandsia kolbii 
$3.49 + shipping $7.95 = $11.44
Tillandsia ionantha
$1.99 + shipping $7.95 = $9.94
Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black'
price: $3.99 + shipping $10.00 = $13.99

Monday, November 21, 2011

30" cube terrarium

my latest idea for the 30" cube terrarium is to stack two plastic tupherware containers on top of each other to make the land area. i could then coat it with expandable foam. but i'd like a few inches of space between the land area and the walls of the terrarium which will be filled with water to make it look kinda like an island. the expandable foam will be from 2"-4.5" thick when set. there should be about 4"-5" of space between the walls of the terrarium and the 'island'. the tupherware containers should be about 17" x 17"; possibly a little longer than wide.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

i have got to work on my presentation. i dont want to. its two days late. fuck me. i really hate that i keep doing this. i turn everything in late. why don't i do right. i've been napping and thinking about what i'd do if i was rich and had my own island. i want to do anything that lets me avoid this assignment. why? i want to watch movies on netflix. how do i get myself to finish this. to do an awsome job. i want to just do nothing. or go shopping. or go hiking. i guess i can just promise myself to do those things when i fisnish as a reward. i want to surf the internet and waste the time away but i know i shouldn't. maybe it would be a good idea to take a break for one more hour. do something that will give me pleasure then work on the powerpoint, ease into it. but what. theres nothing to do. i could watch blackadder on netflix but what will i do during it. i could go to the pottery lab. playing with the clay may be beneficial but then again i does seem like work. maybe i could go to walmart and get some curtains.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

terrarium fund

i pledge $5 to my terrarium fund.
total: $5

terrarium fund

in order to motivate myself to do the things i need to get done i will assign a money value to these tasks. eventually i will 'earn' enough money to buy the 30"x30"x30" customized cube terrarium worth $300.00. i really really want this and if i keep working i will reward myself by buying it. if i clean my appartment for 15 minutes i will pledge $5 toward my terrarium fund.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

vivarium conclusion

so i think what i'll do is order the 30" cube with two holes in the back for the fogger and water pump and a hole in the bottom for the drain. i'll also ask the builder to raise the bottom front partrition so the water depth will be greater. then ill work out the land area with exanded foam, the water and fogger intakes with pvc piping, and cork board for the background.

vivarium project

according to vivaria to create the beautiful natural landscape below they used peat bricks.
i dont think i've ever seen peat bricks for sale around here but i'm sure i can order them online. i suppose i could just make it all out of expanded foam and carve it to my liking. i wont know the how much water i can put in it until i get it. so i shouldn't try to make a cardboard and foam model like i did for the mountain idea.

vivarium project

i decided to change my design for the vivarium project. i made a model volcanic island out of foam and cardboard but the mountain obscures so much of the island that it would ruin the miniature landscape look i would like to achieve. so i'm going with a design that will take advantage of more flat space and a waterscape along the front edge. like in this picture i found on the net.

here is what i want. i want an island surrounded by water, but i dont think i can get a terrarium big enough.

here are some more vivariums with a landscape look and waterscapes.
i want the 30"x30"x30" sliding front terrarium by Protean Terrariums.
i can have them drill any holes that i want. the 30" cube probably has the greatest deminsions of any terrarium i can get. it will provide me with the surface area to make a living landscape while keeping a waterscape.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

audiobooks to get

Candide by Voltaire
Earth by Jon Stewart Hogfather by Terry Pratchett
 Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson
Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes
America by Jon Stewart
 Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
Thud by Terry Pratchett
Making Money by Terry Pratchett
Sign of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett
I am America and so can you by Stephen Colbert
 The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien
Dracula by Bram Stroker
 Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche
Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh
The Black Company by Glen Cook

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011


i'm currently sleeping on a blow up bed lying on the floor. i've got the idea to cover it with persian rugs, silks, and cushions like the luxerious beds of oriental princes. the count of monte cristo gives a good account of this style: "The rooms had been fitted up in strict accordance with Oriental ideas; the floors were covered with the richest carpets Turkey could produce; the walls hung with brocaded silk of the most magnificent designs and texture; while around each chamber luxurious divans were placed, with piles of soft and yielding cushions, that needed only to be arranged at the pleasure or convenience of such as sought repose."
here is a silk and velvet divan exibiting the combination a color and luxurious materials i wish to emulate. i like the big cylindrical cusion and the big red tassel.
here is an oriental prince lounging on a divan draped with rugs. notice the rug the covers the floor of the sitting area as well as the ones strewn on the divan.

 i want a large rug to go under the blowup bed as well as ones to drape over it. maybe i should do a mixed style look. i also like the idea of making it look steampunk and primitive like the bed of a poor persons sleeping on a pile of miscellanious things in the corner of his work shop. some course textured drape colored blankets made of natural fibers mixed with large scraps of leather. maybe give the bed itself a leather cover with rivets and things to make it look like an 18th century version of an air mattress. i could make a collage of the two styles. make a bed that looks like it was primitive and covered with leather and then evolved to luxerious decorative coverings. i could drape a leather cow hide on the bed and cover that with more oriental rugs or patterened fabric. i could kind of make a static visiualization of the progression from primitive to high class materials. the overall effect would be interesting.