Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blue Spotted Salamander  Ambystoma laterale
Lesser Siren  Siren intermedia
Tillandsia Aeranthos

Tillandsia Aeranthos "Mini Purple"

Tillandsia Albertiana Small Clump

Tillandsia Argentina

Tillandsia Bandensis

Tillandsia Butzii 5" - 7"

Tillandsia Capitata v. Domingensis

Tillandsia Funebris

Heteronebo portoricensis - Puerto Rican dwarf scorpion

Mini Oakleaf Creeping Fig -Terrarium/Topiary/HousePlant


Ficus pumila var. quercifolia - Oak Leaf Creeping Fig



Eleocharis radicans

Ficus pumila Quercifolia

Hedera helix Itsy Bitsy
Adiantum microphyllum

pjm rhododendron

man i need to win the lottery

im almost out of money and i still haven't got a job. i haven't tried very hard either but i have a lot of work to do for my organic chemistry class. but i haven't been studing for that either. i need the get the solutions manual and i need to do my lab reports. i need the print out my assignments and notes and arrange my notebook. i wish i had the income to do the things i want to do. i'd like to get an apartment to myself and have the room to do the things i want to do. i want to create a complex of aquariums interconnected by tubes. i've been thinking of drilling holes in the aquariums i have to allow water to flow in between them. it would be nice if i had a hole in the bottom of my 20 gallon aquarium that drained water into my 10 gallon aquaiurm where a pump and some tubing would transport the water to the 20 gallon aquarium and trickle down the back wall to create a waterfall effect and water my plants for me so i don't have to mist them with a spray bottle every day. like have a refugium this will create a larger and more effecient biological system. i'd like to connect a lot more aquariums to the system so that everything the animals and plants need they will get and it will be a selfsustaining closed system. i could have all kinds of interesting piping and lighting effects to make it look like some kind of strange steampunk experiment. i could get a tank to keep reptiles in. i'd like to get some dwarf chamileons or geckos. then i could get a tank to keep crickets in and connect both to the system. the crickets will be able to move into the reptile tank through tubing and the reptiles will be able to feed as they are hungry. i could also have a tank to keep earthworms in and use as a compost bin. i dont really want any animals to be able to into the compost but they would have to be able to get to the worm bin to dig for worms.i may be a able to rig up grating that the worms and their casting can pass through but that the larger compost cant fall through. i could harvest the castings for plant substrate and mushroom substrate and give animals access to only the lower part of the worm bin that the worms have processed the compost. i'm imaging a tank with a slope of worm castings in it with a square door way cut into the side on the the lowest end of the slope. the castings slope away from the door the top of the opposite end of the tank where it meets a grating with the undecomposed compost on top. the worms have access to the compost at the top of the slope. and at the bottom of the slope the animals can dig for worms. in fact the grating can be the bottom of another tank placed on top of the worm tank. i could keep crickets in the top tank they could feed on and break down the compost at the top and the worms could break down the bottom layer. this will be very smelly. i will have to rig up a fan and ventillation system to take the fumes out side. that will be hard to do in an appartment. i'd have to have a home of my own. offcourse i could just get a ventillation hood like whats used over stoves and fit it as a lid to the tank position it under a ceiling vent and piping from the hood through the ventiliation duct to the outside vent. that would suck up all the smells and transport them safely outside. ive looked at some very attractive copper hoods that have fans and lights install in them and that have the right shape for an aquarium hood. i could grow luminescent fungi in another tank on worm castings and compost. and i could grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds in another tank. maybe i could even hook a birdcage with zebra finches and button quail to it. crickets wandering from their own tank into the birdcage would make a nice snack. i need the make the whole system so that the wastes of one tank are used in another. i could use certain tanks in a successional manner. i could start growing plants or fungis in the worm tanks after they are full of castings which make excellent fertilizer. i could do something similiar to use cricket and bird waste. once it piles up in thier tanks move the animals to another cleaned out tank and put worms in to break down the waste them grow plants or fungis in the worm castings created. i'd have to work out some kind of sustainable cycle. maybe i could grow some kind of edilble plant that the birds or crickets could feed on. so that a tank that was full of waste gets turned into fertilizer and growing medium for a plant that will be used as a food source for the next batch of crickets. i could just cycle the animals through several tanks. moving them to the next once the one they were in becomes nasty. and put them in a tank full of fresh green plants grown on their old waste. i'd always have a few tanks that the worms would be working on or the plants would be growing in to get ready for new animals. at the center of this system of interconnected tanks could be a very large exoterra terrarium full of exotic plants like epiphytes and carnivorous plants with a waterfall and a natural corkbark background with some kind of reptile or amphibian in it. it will look like a very well planted jungle vivarium with a few inches of water in the bottom for aquatic plants to grow in. but the water will drain into another planted tank like a refugium system and pump back to the large terrarium with a pump in the other tank. i will have easy access to the pump this way since i wont have to hide it somewhere in the large terrarium and i will have more room and freedom to make the scenery in the large terrarium look as natural and verdent as possible.the extra tank will also filter the water better. i'd also like to have large cylindrical tank like one of those mad scientist specimen chambers. i could either put an interesting type of fish or amphibian in it or make a miniatiure island scene, with miniature plants and small animals in it like a bonsai island in the cylindrical tank it would look like some cool miniature world.