Saturday, December 31, 2011

new years

i'm sitting at one of the restuarants in the downtown area of fayetteville. i'm drinking a cold beer and waiting for the waitress to come take my order. i need to stop being so nervous and shy. i should stop looking around me anxiously. i need to be in control and be cool. i would have liked to go to the microbrew bar down the street but that place is crowded. its full of very nicely dressed people. i would feel out of place. i think the waitress is avoiding me. most of the people act like its cold but it feels warm to me. man i'd like to meet a girl but i'm so goddamn shy.  most of the girls i've seen are with other guys. i keep getting the feeling that i look stupid sitting out here all by myself and that people walking by me are laughing a me. but the beer is making me feel good. there have been a few fireworks going off which is nice to watch. i got an ipod for christmas so i'm sitting here listening to my audio books. i imagine that gives me some comfort. i wonder how i should get the waitress' attention. she seems to be very busy in there. i need to remember that i naturally look like a very mature somber person. if i just act natural i should make a pretty cool picture of a relaxed person injoying a meal on new years.

itunes forum post

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


lets see i'm on break. what do i need to do. today i should go to the gym and try to work off my belly fat. i could go home and clean up. i need to do the laundary, clean the kitchen, sweep the floor, and do the dishes. also i need to get packed to go home on saturday. i should leave as early as possible on saturday morning. i should get all my stuff together so i can go ahead and leave. i need to get all my short socks and pack them and take them to mamas and then i can grab all my long socks. i should probably do all the socks in my lost sock drawer. i really want to shave so i can look younger but i took my glasses off earlier. i think that my beard looks great without my glasses, so i should just put my contacts in. the reason i want to leave so early on saturday is so i can go to the mall in fayetteville and go to ravenrock on my way home. i should probably pack some clothes, take a few essentials like my laptop, my camera, my cellphone charger. dont forget to get my ceramics stuff for mama. my plants should be good while i'm gone. i will endevor to get back as soon as possible. i should probably fill up the hummidifier. i need to reset the timer for some reason it doesnt set on and off anymore. maybe i should get the george forman grill from mamas.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

december 12, 2011

what should i do. i'm on my lunch break. ii  have 30 minutes until i have to clock back in. i should find something to amuse myself like a forum where i can play word games. that sounds like fun. should i return to daiphyer? i haven't been there in a while. it might be wierd if i turn up now. but that place was a lot of fun. what should i care about a bunch of internet people think. i bet i wont be able to get on the website.

Monday, December 5, 2011

things to watch

     Type VI antihero
higurashi no koro ni
darker than black
     Type V antihero
speed grapher
observe and report
black books
    Villian protagonist
fist of the north star
hell girl
black butler (kuroshitsuji)
tentai senshi sunred
excel saga
a shock to the system
the fiendish plot of dr. fu manchu
the new statesman
the borgias
     The world of snark
soredemo machi wa mawatteiru