Wednesday, April 18, 2012

she drinks only her bitter tears

Lachryphage: an organism that subsists on the tear fluid of other organisms, a type of parasite, ( specifically certain species of moths).

Monday, April 9, 2012

Must Do Chemistry Assignment!

Okay, I'm at the library and i intend to finish my chemistry lab report and write up the prelab for tomorrow's lab. I have been chronically procrastinating for the past two weeks. I have been paralyzed by the decision of what to do with my life. I will finish my Bachelor of Science degree in a few months and don't know what I'll do. I haven't found a job and honestly I'm not very optimistic that i will find one, one that will pay enough for me to live on in current state of the economy. The only other option unless i want to work at Walmart for the rest of my life is to join the military, attend officer school, and start out as a lieutenant. The pay is comparable to what I could expect to get in a civilian job with my lack of work experience and I the military will pay for me to go back to college and get another degree. So I'm thinking that after four years of military service as an officer and a masters or medical degree will better prepare me for the future. Another plus is that i will probably get stationed outside of North Carolina. I'm getting tired of all the visible poverty, the crowdedness, and the hard scrabble life of the east cost. I think I should find my fortune out west where there's more space less people. Fewer rude, lazy, and ignorant masses living on welfare. I'm tired of all the low income housing developments, all the drugs, all the shooting, and other random stupid shit perpetrated by those with no future other than a work-release program. I'd to think that in places like Texas would be a lot nicer in terms of the people and the economic conditions those people allow themselves to live in. I like to think Texas is more of a get-up-and-do kinda place instead of a place where the majority live in crowded rundown neighborhood in poverty. In Texas people work hard and don't loiter around on front porches doing drugs and drinking malt liqueur.
Oh well, time to get to work. I will take out my lab notebook and bring up the powerpoint slides for the lab and start working.
After i go to the bathroom.

A New Direction

I need to practice writing in my blog so that i can make money through the ads. I've been reading online that blogging is a great way to make a little residual income if you can attracted a large or loyal audience. I should start taking pictures again to post on my blog and write about subject of the picture, the place, and any related thoughts. I also read about the earning potential of posting videos on YouTube and allowing advertisers to put their ads in your videos. Tutorials and how-to videos are very popular for this. Funny videos and animals behavior aught to be good to. i should experiment with taking videos with my camera.