Tuesday, November 29, 2011

money making idea

i could get a couple of small clear glass jars like the one below and sell them as tiny terrariums with my utricularia sandersonii growing in them. that would be a stylish packaging idea that i think people will like if i decide to sell my extra plants at a exotic pets expo. i could cast the lids in concrete to give it a wider more stable bottom and hide the original lid to give it a more elegant look.


utricularia sandersonii in glass terrarium

a base like this would be cool

... or i could just epoxy the lid inside a regular pot.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

miniature plants for penjing project

tillandsia argentina
price: $2.37 + shipping $6.95 = $9.32

Wild Ginger Farm

Arenaria alfacarens

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Azorella trifurcata ‘Nana’ 

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Gentiana sino-ornata ‘Stardust’

price: $8.00 + $12.00 = $20.00

Gypsophila aretoides

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Jovibarba sobolifera 

price: $5.00 + shipping $12.00 = $17.00

Penstemon davidsonii var davidsonii (Jackson Cty) 

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Rosularia chrysantha 

price: $5.00 + shipping $12.00 = $17.00

Saxifraga x anglica ‘Cranbourne’ 

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Scleranthus biflorus 

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Scleranthus uniflorus ‘Emerald’

price: $6.00 + shipping $12.00 = $18.00

Drosera sp "Lake Badgerup" gemmae
price: $10.00 + shipping $5.95 = $15.95

Begonia "Little Darling
price: $6.99 + shipping $7.95 = $14.94

Jewel Orchid - Ludisia discolor var. alba
$9.99 + shipping $7.95 = $17.94


Pearcea hypocyrtiflora

$11.99 + shipping $7.95 = $19.94

 Jewel Orchid - Anoectochilus albolineatus

$17.99 + shipping $7.95 = $25.94

ludisia discolor

$8.99 + shipping $7.95 = $16.94

Tillandsia kolbii 
$3.49 + shipping $7.95 = $11.44
Tillandsia ionantha
$1.99 + shipping $7.95 = $9.94
Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black'
price: $3.99 + shipping $10.00 = $13.99

Monday, November 21, 2011

30" cube terrarium

my latest idea for the 30" cube terrarium is to stack two plastic tupherware containers on top of each other to make the land area. i could then coat it with expandable foam. but i'd like a few inches of space between the land area and the walls of the terrarium which will be filled with water to make it look kinda like an island. the expandable foam will be from 2"-4.5" thick when set. there should be about 4"-5" of space between the walls of the terrarium and the 'island'. the tupherware containers should be about 17" x 17"; possibly a little longer than wide.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

i have got to work on my presentation. i dont want to. its two days late. fuck me. i really hate that i keep doing this. i turn everything in late. why don't i do right. i've been napping and thinking about what i'd do if i was rich and had my own island. i want to do anything that lets me avoid this assignment. why? i want to watch movies on netflix. how do i get myself to finish this. to do an awsome job. i want to just do nothing. or go shopping. or go hiking. i guess i can just promise myself to do those things when i fisnish as a reward. i want to surf the internet and waste the time away but i know i shouldn't. maybe it would be a good idea to take a break for one more hour. do something that will give me pleasure then work on the powerpoint, ease into it. but what. theres nothing to do. i could watch blackadder on netflix but what will i do during it. i could go to the pottery lab. playing with the clay may be beneficial but then again i does seem like work. maybe i could go to walmart and get some curtains.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

terrarium fund

i pledge $5 to my terrarium fund.
total: $5

terrarium fund

in order to motivate myself to do the things i need to get done i will assign a money value to these tasks. eventually i will 'earn' enough money to buy the 30"x30"x30" customized cube terrarium worth $300.00. i really really want this and if i keep working i will reward myself by buying it. if i clean my appartment for 15 minutes i will pledge $5 toward my terrarium fund.