Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011


i'm currently sleeping on a blow up bed lying on the floor. i've got the idea to cover it with persian rugs, silks, and cushions like the luxerious beds of oriental princes. the count of monte cristo gives a good account of this style: "The rooms had been fitted up in strict accordance with Oriental ideas; the floors were covered with the richest carpets Turkey could produce; the walls hung with brocaded silk of the most magnificent designs and texture; while around each chamber luxurious divans were placed, with piles of soft and yielding cushions, that needed only to be arranged at the pleasure or convenience of such as sought repose."
here is a silk and velvet divan exibiting the combination a color and luxurious materials i wish to emulate. i like the big cylindrical cusion and the big red tassel.
here is an oriental prince lounging on a divan draped with rugs. notice the rug the covers the floor of the sitting area as well as the ones strewn on the divan.

 i want a large rug to go under the blowup bed as well as ones to drape over it. maybe i should do a mixed style look. i also like the idea of making it look steampunk and primitive like the bed of a poor persons sleeping on a pile of miscellanious things in the corner of his work shop. some course textured drape colored blankets made of natural fibers mixed with large scraps of leather. maybe give the bed itself a leather cover with rivets and things to make it look like an 18th century version of an air mattress. i could make a collage of the two styles. make a bed that looks like it was primitive and covered with leather and then evolved to luxerious decorative coverings. i could drape a leather cow hide on the bed and cover that with more oriental rugs or patterened fabric. i could kind of make a static visiualization of the progression from primitive to high class materials. the overall effect would be interesting.